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Canva Brand Setup

A customized service designed to empower teams to leverage branded resources and templates to create their own compelling and visually appealing materials.

Canva Brand Setup: Empowering Consulting Service

Our Canva brand setup service is a specialized consulting service, focused on empowering organizations to elevate their marketing and communication initiatives, fortify their brand identity, and foster effective collaboration in communicating their mission, values, and initiatives. This service entails the development of tailor-made design solutions within the platform Canva, aimed at enabling organizations to independently produce compelling and visually appealing materials.

The overarching goal is to equip teams with the skills, resources, and templates necessary to enhance their self-sufficiency, thus maximizing the impact of their outreach efforts.

Key Components

  • Completed in 1-3 months

  • Discovery: Marketing audit

    In-depth questionnaire and a dedicated discovery call followed by a recommendation plan.

  • Plan & Implementation

    Account set up for Canva Pro customized to your organizations brand, messaging and standards.

    • Canva Pro account setup

    • Setup brand assets*

    • Social media templates
    • PowerPoint presentation template
    • One-page flyer template
    • Website QR codes 
    • Curated list of on-brand stock images
    • Organized folder system within Canva
    • New process setup and recorded training for team
  • Evaluation

    Conclude the project with a 30-minute wrap-up call to review progress, address any lingering questions, and ensure a smooth transition as you execute the recommended plan.

    • Progress Evaluation: Assess the progress made in implementing the plan.
    • Fine-Tuning: Make any necessary adjustments to the plan based on your experiences and feedback.
    • Next Steps: Outline recommendations for continued success.

Investment starting at: $3200

We can tailor this service to offer additional support and designs based on your needs; simply inform us during our initial discussion.

*If you don't have branding created for your organization (ie. logo, colors, typography, brand standards, etc.) please visit our branding service to support in this initial phase.

How to Get Started

Simply schedule a free 20 min interest call to discuss your needs, questions and next steps.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you, helping amplify your impact through a strong and purposeful brand.

Why Marketing Matters

Incorporating branded marketing resources is essential for organizations, as it enhances visual communication, builds trust, recognition, and fosters long-term support. Effective marketing and communication create the foundation for organizations to connect with potential donors and partners, convey their mission, and build lasting relationships, ultimately increasing donations and support for their cause.

  • Alignment with Mission and Brand Sustainability: Consistent marketing and branding reinforces core values, aligns communications with the mission, and enhances grant attractiveness, fostering nonprofit success and long-term impact.
  • Efficient Collaboration and Time Savings: create professional designs quickly, enabling real-time collaboration and reducing the need for in-person meetings.
  • Consistent Harmonious Marketing: Maintain nonprofit image and cohesion across all communication channels and platforms through accessing customized templates and curated high-quality stock media.
  • Attract Donors and Supporters: Create visually appealing materials and presentations to showcase the nonprofit achievements, like impact reports, fundraising materials, infographics, grant proposals and more.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Humanize your nonprofit's mission, capture hearts, and inspire potential donors through compelling visuals, a consistent brand, and relatable storytelling.
  • Awareness and Trust: A consistent brand increases recognition, which can build trust, credibility and leads to increased engagement and donor loyalty.
  • Cost Savings: Utilize existing templates and branding materials to reduce design and production expenses.
  • Engagement, Emotional Connection, and Relationship Building: Compelling content and effective messaging not only draw potential donors, clients and partners but also build long term relationships, fostering ongoing support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design tool used to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, fliers and more. Organizations can incorporate their branding and create templates so content created by their teams says consistent and on brand.

Why teams use Canva?

Canva is a valuable tool for organizations seeking an efficient and accessible solution for their design needs without having to be a graphic designer.

1. User-Friendly Interface: Canva offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for individuals with varying levels of design experience.

2. Versatility in Design: The platform's versatility ensures that organizations can create visually appealing and consistent content for diverse communication needs, from social media graphics and presentations to marketing materials and more.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency: Canva streamlines the design process, saving both time and costs associated with traditional graphic design software or hiring professional designers. The platform enables organizations to produce high-quality materials quickly and with minimal resources.

4. Collaboration Features: Canva offers collaborative features that facilitate teamwork among users. Multiple team members can work on a project simultaneously, share feedback, and contribute to the design process, promoting efficient collaboration within organizations.

5. Consistent Branding: Canva's design tools allow organizations to maintain consistent branding across various materials. Templates can be tailored to align with brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and professional look for all communication materials, thus strengthening brand identity.