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We strive to provide support for organizations through marketing strategy, cohesive communication, process alignment and software integration.

"We make your everyday activities easier, to make doing good easier."

Download: Self-assessment Prioritizing Your Responsibilities (aka: "hats")

This self-assessment guide is a starting point to help you think critically about your current responsibilities, which "hats" you enjoy, and how reallocating tasks to be handled by someone else, could benefit you and your organization.

Once you've completed this exercise, you may find that partnering with Keene Lane Co can provide the support you need to excel in the roles you love most, wearing each hat with confidence and success. 🎩

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Download: 20 Engaging Freebie Ideas for Nonprofits

This guide offers 20 creative freebie ideas designed for various nonprofit sectors to attract potential donors. Each idea aims to engage audiences by providing valuable, mission-aligned content. From educational materials to interactive resources, these examples are crafted to boost engagement, foster relationships, and support lead generation efforts.

Use this guide as inspiration to develop freebies that resonate with your audience and further your cause.

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Nonprofits: Learn About Audience Segmentation

What is an audience? Why you have more than one audience? Why understanding your audiences is important?

Answer these questions and review a step-by-step guide to identify your audiences, craft your message and deliver with impact.

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Giveaway: Consulting Intensive

Win a free Consulting Intensive from Keene Lane Co.

You will have a dedicated thought partner to offer targeted and impactful guidance for a specific short-term project, tailored to your current needs in marketing, communications, and/or team operations.

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"Keene Lane Co has been a remarkable resource for marketing and project management needs. The team at Keene Lane Co, is a comprehensive solution for businesses. Their unwavering dedication, creative expertise, and innovative thinking are evident in every project they undertake. Keene Lane Co excels in connecting with diverse audiences through various channels, including social media, PR activities, events, and beyond. The team consistently goes above and beyond expectations, prioritizing open communication throughout the process. Their work ethic and passion are truly commendable, making them a pleasure to collaborate with on any project!"

Kacie Smyth

Kacie Smyth, Director, Donor Services, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

We are your trusted partner in marketing and communications, dedicated to increasing your impact and enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

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