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Consulting Intensive

A comprehensive solution designed to provide targeted and impactful guidance for your organization on a specific short-term project.

Strategic Consulting Intensive

A results-driven service designed with a thought-partner approach, encompassing a 2-hour deep-dive consultation call, two weeks of dedicated email communication, and a concluding 30-minute wrap-up call. Tailored for team members or organizations seeking expert guidance for a specific project, this package delivers a customized strategy, ongoing support, and fine-tuning opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts, with a focus on collaborative problem-solving and strategy development.

Key Components

  • Initial 2-Hour Consultation Call

    Deep dive conversation tailored to your needs, where we’ll embark on your project’s transformation. We'll meticulously discuss your needs that could include things like: targeted goals, target market, processes, procedures, resources and marketing strategies. We’ll then work together in real-time to collaborate, followed by solution development and your go-forward strategy. 

  • Two Weeks of Email Communication

    Following the initial call, benefit from two weeks of continuous email support. This allows for ongoing clarification, additional questions, and the sharing of relevant materials. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial consultation, ensuring you have the support needed to implement the proposed strategy effectively.

    • Answer Questions: Respond to any questions or concerns that arise as you work to implement the recommended strategies.
    • Resource Sharing: Provide supplementary materials, examples, and resources to support your efforts.
  • Evaluation

    Conclude the intensive package with a 30-minute wrap-up call to review progress, address any lingering questions, and ensure a smooth transition as you execute the recommended strategy.

    • Progress Evaluation: Assess the progress made in implementing the strategy.
    • Fine-Tuning: Make any necessary adjustments to the strategy based on your experiences and feedback.
    • Next Steps: Outline recommendations for continued success post-consultation.

Investment: $1000

How to Get Started

Simply schedule a free 20 min interest call to discuss your needs, questions and next steps.

We look forward to partnering with you to elevate your efforts to help increase your impact.

Not sure where to start?

Here are ideas on how we can help!

Marketing and Communication
  • Evaluate your current communication channels and receive guidance on enhancing cohesive communication strategies.
  • Explore partnership opportunities and strategies for expanding your reach.
  • Review and advise on your current branding for consistency across channels.
  • Review and enhance marketing materials, offering recommendations, improvement strategies, and identifying additional resources.
  • Share insight into identifying target audiences for more effective communication.
Process Development & Organization
  • Provide guidance on creating an internal organizational structure for optimized resource management, time-saving, and team consistency.
  • Discuss best ways to leverage current assets and make the most of your resources.
  • Give advice on internal storage organization and folder setup for increased efficiency and team clarity. 
  • Share effective strategies to train team members easily and develop evergreen resources for simplified and reduced training time.
Tools, Platforms and Resources
  • Share insight on the unique features of your tools and software to utilize them most effectively.
  • Evaluate current tools and resources to identify potential connections for streamlined processes.
  • Explore helpful marketing resources and learn how to align them consistently across multiple platforms.
  • Identify additional tools and resources that can align with current processes and tools.
  • Discuss CRM utilization for effective contact management.
Donor Management
  • Advise on creating a donor lifecycle and donor pipeline to help you identify ongoing engagement opportunities and effective reporting.
  • Explore strategies for tracking donors and fostering strong donor relationships.
  • Discuss effective methods for receiving donations, including online platforms and sponsorships.