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The Roadmap

Through our Discover, Plan, Implement and Evaluate process we work together to develop a unique roadmap aligned to your goals and direction.

While each client journey is unique, our roadmap drives our projects, making sure we arrive to our destination, together.

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Looking for an integrated software to support your everyday business needs and make communication easier?

Contact Management, Marketing and Donor Management with HubSpot

Implementing the HubSpot software to integrate and support your contact management, marketing processes, communication and sales efforts, all in one place.

Onboarding includes: HubSpot software set up and training, operations audit, process integration consulting.

Onboarding is customized based on the HubSpot software selected by the client for CRM, marketing and sales. Pricing does not include the HubSpot software subscription price. See the HubSpot pricing page for subscription details.

Already using HubSpot? Contact us to discuss a customized option based on your needs.

Are you a nonprofit?

If so, qualified nonprofits save 40% on the HubSpot platform to easily help your organization scale marketing, improve SEO, simplify reporting and engage core audiences-all in one place.

"A leader of people and process. Katy took several floundering processes and re-engineered them into award-winning programs. Some of these changes were responsible, in-part, for millions of dollars in savings for the organization. There was never a need to be concerned with the areas under her purview. She was seen as a great motivator and a workforce multiplier."

Dave Holden
Dave Holden, Vice President of Total Rewards